HowGood Certified Sustainability Leaders Program

Why we partner with brands

There are over 350 different certifications currently telling consumers what they should or should not buy, making it very difficult to find products that are overall better products for people, the environment, and society.

HowGood is here to change that.

Our unique model allows us to remain an independent third party while ensuring that consumers easily get accurate and comprehensive information about the food they're buying. We spent 5 years developing our research, which combines all of the information people care about - organic, local, fair trade, and more - into one simple rating.

To sum up: we do the research, so you don't have to.

To date, HowGood has rated over 170,000 food products through partnership with grocers across the country. Products that receive our BEST rating reflect the top 5% of our database. These are food producers that go above and beyond what's standard in their respective industries, and they are true leaders in bettering the future of our food system. 

With our new HowGood Certified program, we partner with the top brands in each industry, making HowGood ratings more widely available than just at grocery stores that use our shelf tags. Select brands that become HowGood Certified will now be able to display their rating directly on packaging. Consumers should look for the HowGood seal while shopping to choose these top products. 

You can also download our free app to scan and search for all products! Find out more here.

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