Bageladies - Bake'Mm Bagels

Inspired by her grandmother’s recipe and driven by a passion for organic ingredients, Bageladies founder Janet Dob believes “bagels done right can change the world” – and she’s been living by these words ever since she quit her job in the computer business to open her first bakery nearly 30 years ago.

Not only are her Bake’mm bagels a made with simple, organic ingredients in an eco-conscious facility, they’re cooked using a special boiling method that transforms wheat starch into complex carbohydrates safe for diabetics or anyone following a low-glycemic diet.

Janet, who also runs Bageladies Café in Charlottesville, VA with her partner Cynthia Viejo, first discovered this now-patented method during her quest to make and sell great-tasting bagels without waking up at the crack of dawn to start baking.

The result is a fully-cooked frozen bagel that retains the great taste and texture bagel lovers crave – without the use of additives, preservatives, or chemical dough conditioners.

So what makes it Best?

The Bageladies are committed to honesty, transparency, and using the highest quality ingredients they can find. “Everything we do is organic and non-GMO,” says Dob, who sources ingredients from local farms whenever possible to reduce the company’s carbon footprint. Dob also maintains an eco-friendly facility where all waste is composted, and equipment is steam-cleaned without the use of harsh chemicals. Janet and Cynthia are setting an example in the world of packaged baked goods, proving that you don’t have to cut corners or sacrifice your integrity to succeed. “We’re going to keep doing our best and we want people to fall in love with our product,” says Janet. “That’s actually our tagline: ‘you’ll fall in love…everybody does.’"