Become a HowGood Certified Sustainability Leader

Join the group of brands standing out in support of better food system

Show that your company is a leader within your industry


Why HowGood Certified?


Show consumers your committment to sustainability

Consumers want to know they can trust food companies.

Becoming HowGood Certified helps your company speak directly to consumers about your dedication to making a better product.

Displaying the HowGood Certified seal directly on your packaging reminds consumers at the point of purchase of your company's 

  • higher sourcing standards
  • better processing practices
  • exceptional company conduct

Empower people to vote with their dollars to boost your bottom line

HowGood knows that consumers are willing to spend more on products that align with their values.

In the 26 states where grocers already display the HowGood ratings on shelf, there is an average 4-8% overall revenue boost after the shelf tag program is implemented.

We're bringing this impact directly to the brands.

Utilizing the HowGood Certified seal directly on labels and packaging gives companies the opportunity to harness consumer engagement and maximize benefits by reaching more consumers, especially those who do not have the HowGood program in their local grocery store.


Join the movement to support a better, healthier food system

Providing more information through transparency disrupts the norm and allows us to create a long term plan for how we are going to sustain and nourish our world.

It's a simple process -

  1. Producers demonstrate their lower environmental and social impact through a HowGood Certified seal 
  2. Consumers easily find and purchase more sustainable products
  3. Higher demand for sustainable products benefits current producers to continue better practices
  4. Other producers ameliorate practices in favor of sustainability to meet the consumer demand
  5. Industry standards begin to shift, and we grow the future potential of our food system