Trickling Springs Creamery

Out of 40 million cows in the United States, over 9 million are dairy cows, and only a portion are what you might call “happy” cows. You’ll find some of the happiest cows 13 miles from the Mason-Dixon Line in verdant Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, home base to Trickling Springs Creamery.

Since 2001, Trickling Springs Creamery has grown its network consciously, working with family-run, local farms in order to produce its lineup of dairy products. Edwin and Dawn Shankstead are two of those farmers. On their century-old farm, Shankstead EcoFarm, their cows are treated with respect and care. During growing season, you’ll find their cows grazing on organic pastures and roaming in sunshine, as cows do. “Cows that live on grass are naturally healthy cows,” says Edwin. 

It's tidy logic: Healthy, happy animals leads to a better glass of milk.

So what makes it Best?

In its sourcing practices, all of Trickling Springs Creamery’s farmers focus on sustainability; animal welfare is held to the highest degree, allowing their cows freedom to roam and graze on organic grass. In production, their dairy products are kept whole, choosing to process milks at low-temperature pasteurization. Unlike commercial dairies, this process maintains natural proteins and enzymes which live in a final, nutrient-rich milk product. And of course, Trickling Springs Creamery’s milks come in iconic glass containers, all reusable and sustainable. Look for a glass of their milk during your next grocery visit.