Solana Gold Organics

For Solana Gold, the legend of Johnny Appleseed is a guiding principle in business. Simply put, they’re dedicated to spreading delicious and sustainable apple products far and wide. Within hours of picking fruit from their aptly named Appleseed Orchards, Solana is busy processing small batches of apple juice, apple cider vinegar, apple sauce, and sliced pears. Not ones to cut corners, their 100% raw apple cider vinegar is aged for 3 years to maximize enzymes and amino acids. Solana apple juice is pressed from whole, always ripe, organic apples. Truly seed to shelf, their product freshness and taste is unparalleled.

Behind the scenes, Solana is committed to sustainability, in both agriculture and long-term relationships with everyone along their supply chain. GMO-free and certified organic by Oregon Tilth, Solana is raising the bar in apple production and processing. 

So what makes it Best?

Solana’s unique relationship with its farmers shows true dedication to improving our food system. Cost of an organic certification is steep, not only in the financial burden, but it’s also labor intensive, especially for small, local farmers. Solana provides the expertise and assistance needed to help growers be recognized for better practices that have a lower impact on our environment.