Pete and Gerry's organic eggs

Founded on the simple belief that family farms should be supported in their mission to produce fresh, organic eggs that meet high standards of humane care for chickens and provide farmers with viable market opportunities, Pete and Gerry’s is revolutionizing a market. Paul Turbeville, VP of marketing, explains what makes honest egg sales so difficult: “[One of the biggest hurdles in doing good is] ensuring consumers know what actually matters among all of the crazy label claims in eggs.”

No stranger to labels, Pete and Gerry’s can proudly claim to be Certified Organic, Certified Humane Free Range, and a Certified B-Corporation. Unwilling to rest on certifications, however, the company supports family farms by buying directly from over 45 small, independently run farms, in addition to operating their own farm. The Pete and Gerry’s family farm in Monroe, NH, which has been in operation for over 60 years, was the first certified humane egg farm in the country, and they extend that forward-thinking mindset into all aspects of their business today. They lead in standards of humane care and low-impact production, refusing to use antibiotics, hormones, pesticides, GMOs or animal byproducts. Simply put, “Should your eggs come from free-range family farms, or giant egg factories?”


So what makes it Best?

Pete and Gerry’s is building a force for systemic change in the way we get our eggs. The strong partnerships between Pete and Gerry’s and their farmers enables business to stay regional and on a smaller-scale. Additionally, Pete and Gerry’s keeps strict standards that every farmer must follow when it comes to humane animal treatment, safety, and environmental stability. By creating this kind of accountability for farmers, you know you are getting eggs from someone you can trust.