Grass Fed -

A product's milk and beef is sourced from cattle that have been fully pasture-raised, ensuring access to natural habitat and grazing behavior. Cattle is raised with a lack of confinement and attention to their overall health and well-being.

Ethical - 

The company maintains high standards in all areas of production such as growing practices, environmental stewardship, treatment of workers, corporate behavior, marketing tactics, distribution methods, and animal husbandry.

Organic -

A product's ingredients are grown without the use of restricted synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides and fertilizers. There are also high standards present regarding treatment of livestock, protection of natural resources, and conservation of biodiversity.

Humane -

Any animal-derived ingredients are sourced from animals that have been raised in accordance with Global Animal Partnership Step 4 (or higher) standards, or the proven equivalent thereof. For instance, animals are pasture-raised, there is restricted use of antibiotics and hormones, and the operation has an advanced waste management model.

Sustainable -

A company's labor, sourcing, growing, and marketing practices all contribute to a global climate of long-term corporate, environmental, and social health.

Real Food - 

A product only contains whole foods, or simple derivatives thereof. It also contains no industrially manufactured flavor enhancers, stabilizers, texture modifiers, or coloring agents.

Wholesome -

A product's ingredients undergo minimal alteration via chemical inputs, high temperatures, or physical manipulation, so that the majority of their nutritional content is retained. 



Transparent -

Denotes a policy of full, voluntary disclosure with regard to ingredient sourcing, relationships with growers, and company management practices. For example, all of a product's ingredients are traceable to small growers who are paid fair prices and whose workers are treated fairly in their day-to-day work.