Rejuvenative Foods

For over 30 years, Rejuvenative Foods and its founder/owner, Evan Richards, have been making and distributing high-quality, wholesome food. They even state their own main purpose and goal is to share the most fulfilling and healing, fresh and pure organic foods that people absolutely love. 

Rejuvenative offers over 50 varieties of food to choose from, all with a focus on raw, live, and cultured ingredients to retain their natural integrity. Their raw cultured vegetables, like saukraut and kim chi, are allowed to ferment under controlled conditions for about 7 days. This process retains the food’s natural enzymes and microflora, which help improve digestion. Other commercially available foods are processed and destroy these healthful aspects. Similarly, Rejuvenative offers raw chocolate and nut and seed butters that highlight almost unadulterated ingredients like cocoa, which naturally contains the highest antioxidant level of any whole food.

For those unfamiliar with the raw, cultured, food world, Rejuvenative also provides a plethora of information about their products, the fermentation process and benefits, and even how you can make your own raw cultured vegetables. Plus, with an “Eat This, Feel Better, or Your Money Back” guarantee, who wouldn’t want to choose Rejuvenative?

So what makes it Best?

Rejuvenative excels in several sustainability categories. Not only are a large majority of Rejuvenative Foods products 100% Organic certified, but they also have a very low processing impact and exceptional company labor practices. The final product you get with Rejuvenative is simple and highlights the true nature of the ingredients, without impacting our world in a significant manner.