Regeneration, leaving the planet in a better condition than it was found, is the defining goal of Organic India. In the 1990s, a small group of world travelers met in Lucknow, Northern India and soon after founded the company with the goal of putting individual family farmers above profit margins. 

Organic India stands out against the competition for its integrity: it is fully committed to practices that heal the Earth, enrich biodiversity and sustainably regenerate the soil. Non-GMO certification, the refusal to reach for synthetic pesticides, and certified organic practices ensure an uncompromising, quality product every time. They take things one step further by providing fair-market wages, access to healthcare, empowerment and gender equality programs and infrastructure improvements. Organic India also offers education initiatives to their farmers and tribal wild-crafters that teach restorative biodynamic agricultural practices. As they put it, “[We are] changing the way people view the role of business away from just a profit motive to a different model that adds value to all stakeholders at every level of the value chain.”

In other words, your purchase of Organic India’s products means not only a delicious cup of tea or quality herbal supplement, but a stake in the lives of farmers in rural India who are invested in bettering our world. 

So what makes it Best? 

 Conscious sourcing, organic and regenerative practices, simple unprocessed ingredients, and exemplary working conditions are a few of the reasons we rate them Best. The bedrock of Organic India’s philosophy involves bolstering its source, working with impoverished families in India to not only create a sustainable business model, but one that’s reflexive, benefiting the workers and farmers rather than just the consumer.